Cinthol Cool Bathing Soap - Expert Review by WQAINDIA

Godrej Company has come out with pack of three CINTHOL, Lime fresh bathing soaps along with one 100 gram free CINTHOL COOL. In the first week of July,2013 I purchased a pack of three Cinthol, Lime Fresh bath soaps and got the free Cinthol Cool as I like the products like Navratna Oil, Navratna Cool or Dermi Cool Talc Powder. I tried for Cinthol Cool bathing soap with methanol but it was available as one soap free with existing Cinthol Lime Fresh soap. I used the soap and found it to produce cooling effect of methanol in it. But after using the soap for 2-3 days I got injured with sharp foreign article embedded in the soap. Photo images of wrapper and foreign sharp edged particle embedded in the soap are reproduced below:

I could have sent the feed back to the company but keeping in view my experiences with the corporate entities where there nobody listens  to the consumer complaints.

I had faced similar problem with Britannia Rusks when a foreign article (iron spring) was found when swallowing the Rusk with morning tea. I submitted feed back to Britannia Industries Limited and outcome is reproduced in another review at Britannia Rusk - Expert Review by WQAINDIA. Stay connected to read the Real Story of Britannia Rusk - Expert Review by WQAINDIA. and the full Investigation Report from the company is awaited even after waiting for more than one year.

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