Government Sectors are better than Private Sectors

It is a hard fact that in a country like India Government Sectors are better than the Private Sector. Liberalization Process started in 1991 that is after 44 years of independence. If we calculate the same term that is 44 years after 1991 it will be the year 2035 that is 22 years hence.You might laugh at the first instance but I am sure that after that 22 years hence our future generation may feel the heat of privatization and the then Governments in our country may have to nationalize the major sectors again as Capitalistic Economy can not survive for a longer period in India. While the India Economy will be discussed by the author separately, a Real Life Story with worst experience with ICICI Prudential in private sector and still the Best Insurer in India that is Life Insurance Corporation of India will be posted within next few days after collecting evidences. Stay Connected and trust and only trust the Life Insurance Corporation of India. Companies like ICICI Prulife neither bother about the Insurance Regulatory Authority of India nor they have any fear about Insurance Ombudsman, when the most of the clients in India are illiterate. Read Google Review about ICICI Prudential, the subject matter of which is being followed with IRDA, Insurance Ombudsman to warn the ICICI Prudential about their business malpractices as individuals can not fight with big companies without resources at their command.

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