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I think it was last week of April, 2012. I usually took Rusk of local brands with morning or breakfast tea. But the Indian markets are now a days invaded by Big Brands who are making hay while the sun is shining on the branded products. I am not an exception and I also thought that branded products are after all branded and there must be some better quality in the branded products. I purchased Britannia Premium Rusk for our morning tea. Although there was no much difference in quality of rusks by local brands, local bakery owners and that by famous Britannia Industries but how could I use local or unbranded products when the famous brands like Britannia is available in the market just for a price difference of Rs.5.00 per packet of approx 300 grams (289 gm in case of Britannia). It is another story the local branded packets weighed more than that of Britannia as the established brands increase their margins not only through price tags but also with Net Weight less than the local brands as consumers never calculate the unit price in terms of quantity. Branded companies are in the habit of keeping the same price tag and reducing the quantity so as to cost more to the unaware consumers. Any how the story of Britannia Premium Rusks is as below:

One fine morning when I took the rusks with my morning tea as usual, something like hard iron spring struck in my throat and neither could I swallow the rusk nor could I vomit it out. Thank God, I could vomit out with an effort but by the time the rusk had injured my throat and blood also came out with the struct portion of the rusk. When examined closely it was not rusk. Rather it was a rusted iron spring as shown in the image. After recovering from the shock I thought about the quality of branded products and tried to contact the Britannia Industries through their link write to us. I was very really happy to receive a call from a Lady Executive of Britannia Industries on my mobile number +919814915812 from Land Line No.+911130788061, who told me politely that the company is looking into the complaint. I told the Lady Executive that it was not a complaint from my part but I wanted that a company like Britannia Industries must adhere to quality policies.

The company and its franchise based in Pathankot-145001 took the complaint lightly and the self style MD of the franchise company called me daily and wanted to see me in person for which I gave the consent subject to full identification parade of the person visiting me in person. When I insisted for an authority letter from Britannia Company, the Pathankot franchise deferred the idea of attending my feed back ignoring the advice of the Lady Executive in New Delhi.

Silence on the part of the company added insult to the injury and I again called the Lady Executive ( I do not remember the Name), who again assured me that the company will investigate the issue and I could check up with the Lady Executive about the credentials of the person visiting me in person along with valid personal ID proof of the visiting person.

Finally on 4th of Jun 2012, a joint official of franchise and Company came to my residence. He was accompanied by another person, whose identity was not checked. The official named Sanjeev Kansal produced his ID proof available in the image duly countersigned by him. He called the Lady Executive from his mobile and the Lady Executive confirmed the name of the visiting official too.

The official had brought with him a box, said to be containing various products manufactured by the franchise of Britannia, which was politely declined and he was told that I would be more happy if the outcome of the investigation is provided to me so as to strengthen my confidence in Britannia Industries as the neglect of the quality was a criminal negligence. I also informed the visiting official and lady executive that I am an aged person and neither I had the capacity nor the intention to fight any legal battle with Britannia Industries. The visiting official informed me that the company had got locked the franchise manufacturing unit.

The original wrapper, batch number and the iron spring was handed over to Mr.Sanjeev against proper receipt dated 04/06/2012 wherein, after talking to the Lady executive, he also assured me to provide copy of the investigation report, which is still awaited even after long wait of more than one year. I think this blog post may reach the company in right spirit.

No further action by Britannia Industries Ltd. upto 30th Sep, 2015. Big Multi National Corporate entities do not care for the hygiene due to poor compliance of legal actions in India. Such big corporate entities feel that they have full immunity and they can play with the lives of the poor consumers in India. Rather today (04/11/2015) I had another set back from Britannia Industries and I could not stop myself from penning down My Bitter Experience with Britannia.

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